Cameron & the Claytones
Providing acoustic picking and vocal harmonies to your local cafe, brewery/vinyard, or outdoor market.  This amalgam of two guys with 12 strings came together at the pleading of their wives to "get out of the damn house."  They soon learned that music is a great way to enjoy beer on a regular basis.  

Cameron Miller
This fine hunk of Baltimore County man has been picking out tunes for many days now. From the early days in the church choir to his years on the mandolin in local bluegrass band "The Crumbles" Cameron always enjoys belting out a folky favorite. His passions include burning  perfectly good meat on the grill and finding B-side tunes from the 1970s Clay has never heard of. 

Clayton(es) Gump
Clay grew up in Prince George's (is gorgeous) County but made a fateful detour to the hills of Western PA where he picked up his Dads guitar and cultivated a love of country tunes. He loves wandering around in his campervan either with his family seeking adventure (and ice cream) or alone finding a cool brewery to kick back and enjoy whatever is on tap.